Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last few days...

There were a couple of beautiful waterfalls on our hike.
My last week in Katikati was relatively quiet.  Some nice rides, a little hike and on my last day a long solo ride on Snoopy ending with both of us taking a swim in the river.

The hike started with crossing this suspension bridge. 
It was very much like ones we crossed in Nepal 15 years ago.

The trail went up a canyon where there had been lots of gold mining.  
There were lots of tunnels, some we went through some were dead ends.

Where there's water it doesn't take long for Marianna to jump in!

So it was time to head home...after two wonderful months...saying good bye to my wonderful New Zealand friends..and of course Snoopy.

Before I left New Zealand, I spent a couple of days in Auckland staying at the Theosophical Society and going to museums, learning about the Maori.  Then on to Sidney.
 I didn’t realize what an amazing city Sidney is.  Big…4 million plus and beautiful.

I met up with Pia VanGelder, part of a family I’ve known most of my life.  She’s an artist in Sidney and turned me on to this amazing painting in a gallery just a few blocks from my hotel.

It was at Gallery 9 on Darley St. near Kings Cross.  It’s titled “Indian Chamber” and was completed in 2010 by Anna Kristensen. The painting was done in a round "room."  You go in and close the door...and experience!
I did a 360 degree pan inside.  Click the video below.


Sidney has several icons...perhaps the most famous is this bridge...the coat hanger bridge.

Another is of course the Opera House...quite close to the bridge.

I stayed in the Kings Cross area...which has lots of beautiful Victorian buildings.

Sidney is full of artwork....

City Hall was flying the Rainbow flag. It was Marti Gras Weekend!

Like I say Sidney is full of artwork!

Australia has wonderful beaches for surfing...I went to Bondi Beach...and waded.

So I said good night to Sindney and in a little more than 24 hours I was home.


  1. What another wonderful adventure for you! I know the earthquake devastation was difficult, but I'm glad you made new friends and enjoyed your time there. Thanks so much for sharing all the photos - I really liked the "pan" photo of the art in the circular room, WOW! Let's talk soon.

  2. That video was amzing of the art room, great painting like you were really in the cave! Cheers from NZ!