Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's still all...well mostly about horses....

I'm into week four at the horse farm.  And while it’s still about horses, this last few weeks have been about a lot of other stuff too.

  We’ve been to the beach several times.  The other day, we took a wonderful hike to a beautiful and private beach.  It took us about an hour to get there and we went through some beautiful natural forests.   
These fern trees are everywhere...I love them.

Marianna loves these trees too!

Marika and I and a fabulous view!

 When we got to the beach,  we shared it, at most, with four or five others…and the beach was at least a mile long. 

                      It was deliciously hot.

I decided to take the train to Wellington.

Wellington is at the south end of the North Island and is their capitol.  The train goes through some beautiful country. 

One of the stops was at a ski town…which since it is summer was pretty dead, but I think it might be where my friend Mike Power hung out years ago when he ski patrolled here. 
I think the ski area is on this mountain (valcano) called Ngaruhroe .

It was cold when I got to Wellington…probably about 55 and windy.  But, while it didn’t really clear up, by the next day it was warmer and the wind had died down.

There's a great cable car here....

When the two shall meet.....
I'm not the only one who likes swimming...
But for me it was a bit too cold.
I took this pix for Woody.

The Te Papa Tongarewa Museum here was wonderful...
I spent most of a day there.

     Of course there have been more rides….in some beautiful country.

Snoopy and I have a swim!
And aside from having a swimming pool right here at the farm, there’s a wonderful swimming hole about a half mile away.

Macy and I having fun...
We had six inches of rain the last couple of days and the swimming hole became a raging river!

My swimming rock is under water!

Next week we go on our (my) first three day trek....what fun.


  1. You would say "deliciously hot". We feel your pain.

  2. Haha! Deliciously hot, indeed. Jealous? No, just chilled to the bone up here! Dave, your photos are wonderful. Keep them coming.
    Much love to you!

  3. Thanks for sharing! It's not exactly like "being there" but the pix are wonderful. Continue having a terrific time. Love and hugs, Tricie